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historical illustration of Liatris flower
historical illustration of Liatris flower
historical illustration of Liatris flower


Liatris, more commonly known as blazing star, is a wildflower that is resilient, adaptive, delightful, and a vital contributor to its ecosystems. It's an inspiration for what's possible.

photograph of a liatris flower with a grasshopper resting on top

Consulting to Grow

Liatris Consulting helps researchers, writers, and grant-seekers establish strong roots and reach new heights. Whether you're an individual, a team, or an organization, and whether you're just starting out or already have significant experience, Liatris Consulting can help you grow your confidence, your ideas, and your support.

When you work with Liatris Consulting, you will benefit from our

  • success in translating complex problems and ideas into action;
  • extensive background working with researchers across domains to envision research programs and chart paths forward;
  • more than 18 years of grant writing and proposal development experience for academic and nonprofit sectors;
  • history and experience with a range of federal and private funders across disciplines;
  • practiced ability to communicate ideas in a variety of forms and genres and for a range of purposes.


Research Coaching

Researchers are passionate people with no shortage of ideas. But sometimes an abundance of passion and ideas can be too much of a good thing, and researchers may struggle with overall program design, balance, prioritization, over-extending themselves, and moving big ideas along through achievable wins. And sometimes researchers just need a coach in their corner who can see plays from a different vantage point and cheer them on.

Liatris Consulting offers research coaching for researchers at all levels of experience and across disciplines. Our research coaching can be short-term or ongoing and is an inquiry- and feedback-based developmental service.

Grant and Proposal Review and Development

Grants and proposals are unique genres with their own quirks and conventions. Knowing the genres and being a compelling writer are just as critical to successful proposals as great ideas and subject matter expertise.

Liatris Consulting offers early stage, pre-submission, and post-factum reviews, as well as proposal development services. Our grant and proposal review is a feedback-based developmental service.

Developmental Editing

Developmental editing services focus on the ideas in a piece of writing and on the overall effectiveness of the communication in relation to its purpose, form, and intended audience.

Writers can expect Liatris Consulting to provide both high-level and holistic critique, as well as targeted and specific input. Developmental editing does not include proofreading or copy-editing. As its name indicates, our developmental editing service is a feedback-based developmental service.

Proposal Writing

Proposal writing services allow clients to partner with a professional in crafting their requests for funding. The core ideas must come from the client, and the client is required to provide all vital information for the proposal.

Liatris Consulting translates client information into a proposal that presents a compelling case and follows best practices. This service is available for nonprofits and organizations and is not typically available for individual academics or researchers. Proposal writing is an original writing and creation service.

Project Management and Implementation

Envisioning and securing support for complex projects are major accomplishments—major accomplishments that then require a whole new set of strategies and skills. To help you deliver on your ideas, Liatris Consulting offers project management and implementation services, with experience in a variety of techniques. We specialize in approaches to managing complexity.

Liatris Consulting typically serves in an advisory capacity for project management and implementation, rather than in a "doing" role. As we grow, we hope to provide even more robust project management and implementation services.


Plants don't bloom without some help, and neither do people. We all need the right environment and support from a wide range of players, both visible and invisible.


"Simply outstanding! [Liz has] . . . an ability to synthesize (lots of) info and turn it into actionable and digestible recommendations."

"We appreciate . . . your commitment to this piece as it works to find its best self! I love the generosity of thinking . . . Thank you for making the outlines of the path so clear and for supporting this work so thoughtfully."

"A wonder. . . ecstatic with the reviews."


A flexible approach to pricing, based on what's best for you



  • Standard rate of $150/hour
  • Typically, a one-hour minimum; billed in 15-minute increments after first hour
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Sliding Scale


  • For students, early career individuals, and anyone just getting started or facing other constraints, let's talk about your goals and figure out a plan that works for you
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Your Consultant

Always learning.

black and white photograph of Elizabeth Lorang wearing a wide-brimmed sunhat and looking at the camera

Liz Lorang, Ph.D.

Founder, Consultant

Ideas excite me.

I'm an academic and a librarian, a researcher, a teacher, and a perpetual learner. I love to ask What if? and How can we get there?

I strive to offer feedback that is both incisive and generous. Interested in additional information about me? Head over to my website, where you'll also find my curriculum vitae.

For those who like this kind of information, my top 5 strengths according to CliftonStrengths are: Ideation, Strategic, Learner, Relator, and Achiever. Or, for a different spin, some tests classify me as an Earth Element.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you don't see your question addressed here, please contact Liz.

  • If you're interested in engaging Liatris for consulting services, please call, text, or send an email that briefly describes your consulting interests or needs. I aim to follow up on all initial requests within 24 hours.

  • Like you, your ideas, and your goals, all consultations are unique. To learn more about how I can help you, please call, text, or send an email that briefly describes your consulting interest or need. I aim to follow up on all initial requests within 24 hours.

  • Through an initial interview—which can be real-time via video conferencing or phone, or via email—I'll learn about your goals and needs, and then I will tailor services to meet goals and needs. Consulting can include real-time conversations, particularly in the case of research coaching, as well as written or audio feedback, the completion of a written deliverable, and more. At the outset of our consulting relationship, and after we've discussed your needs, we'll make sure we're on the same page about the consulting services I will provide and how we will work together, as well as about timeline and budget.

  • Liatris Consulting offers different pricing approaches in order to match the pricing approach with the services being requested and to take into account the client's financial circumstances. Not all consulting services require the same level of time and effort, and not all clients are starting from the same place. Liatris Consulting is interested in an equity-pricing model, one that both compensates us for our labor as well as acknowledges varying circumstances and broadens access to consultation services.



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